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Indeterminate nature

5 August
this side of sanity
I think trainhopping is better then sex, I'd rather ride my bike then walk anywhere, and idiots frequently date. (and there is nothing microsoft on my computer! WOOT!)

Insist on living. It's the only thing that can make things better.

accordion music, accordions, acting, alternative energy, alternative transportation, andrea dworkin, arrested development, astrophysics, autonomous mutant fest, backpacking, ballroom dancing, banjos, barbara kruger, baritone saxaphones, bicycle repair, bicycles, bike circus, bindlestiff family circus, bollywood, books, broken social scene, buffy the vampire slayer, bunraku, buttball, campfires, capoeira, carolyn mark, cats, cheese, choppers, circus, circus contraption, circus of tiny invisibility, clowning, community gardens, community organizing, costumes, crass, creating knitting patterns, critical mass, cuddles with my cat, cuddling, cyclonomadic circus, deserts, differential equations, diy, doctor who, dumpster diving, face paint, fashion design, feminism, feminist circus, feminist theory, firefly, flaming ramp of death, flaming stilt soccer, flying, fredrick douglass, freeschools, freight trains, fruit, fucking shit up, galaxies, garlic, guerilla gardening, handlebar moustaches, hats, hungry march band, italian pop music, jackson katz, kate chopin, knit knit revolution, knitting, koobati, lindyhop, linear algebra, lithography, live acts, marching bands, margaret cho, media literacy, misbehaving, mischief (my cat), morning 40 federation, mountain justice summer, murals, mutant bikes, naps, nebulas, old time music, open apple, organic farming, organic gardening, painting, performance art, performing, photography, physics, printmaking, profeminist men, public art, puppetry, reading, red fraggle, resistance, round river rendezvous, rubber chickens, salsa dancing, savannah ga, selina martin, shadow puppets, sharks, shiny pants, shiny things, sicily, slack rope, soap, sonia johnson, space, squatting, stars, swing dancing, tall bike jousting, tall bikes, tea time, team dresch, the bad things, the cubs, the daily show, the iww, the weakerthans, torchwood, trainhopping, traveling, treesits, typewriters, unicycles, unionism, washboards, water polo, wearable art, welding rusty metal together, west coast swing, whiskey theory, zapatistas, zerberts (raspberries)